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Thiotepa, Injection
CAS NO.: 52-24-4
Chemical Formula: C6H12N3PS
Molecular Weight: 189.2200
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Mechanism of Action
Thiotepa is a cytotoxic agent of the polyfunctional type, related chemically and pharmacologically to the nitrogen mustard. The radiomimetic action of thiotepa is believed to occur through the release of ethyleneimine radicals which, like irradiation, disrupt the bonds of DNA. One of the principle bond disruptions is initiated by alkylation of guanine at the N-7 position, which severs the linkage between the purine base and the sugar and liberates alkylated guanines.

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THIOTEPAINJECTABLE;INJECTIONPlease contact us for more detailsPlease contact us for more detailsPlease contact us for more details
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